Amazon Discounts James Bond on Blu-ray

Online retailer has reduced the price on all their classic James Bond products spread across Blu-ray Disc and DVD.

For the nine Blu-ray Disc releases which include all six available films sold separately, two three-packs and a six-pack, the price has been reduced to either 43% or 49% off list.

The two worth taking note of are the three-packs which were given the 49% discount. Each retails for $89.98 but with the discount is on sale for $45.49. That works out to roughly $15 per Bond film.

The individual releases and complete set come out to closer to $20 per title which is only a few bucks lower than Amazon’s typical pricing.

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With strong Black Friday sales and The Dark Knight on Blu-ray Disc selling 600,000 copies its first day, Blu-ray is making a major surge into households across the country. Increased exposure will hopefully lead to more deals coming online through the holiday season and into next year.

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