Amazon Blowing out Stranglehold CE PS3 for 40 Dollars

It’s Tequila Time! has lowered the price on the Collector’s Edition of Stranglehold for Playstation 3. The new price, $39.99, is a full $30 less than the normal $69.99 price. We suspect this promotion will last as long as quantities do, but Amazon has made no clear indication of the sale price’s duration.

In addition to the Midway Stranglehold game, the Collector’s Edition includes John Woo’s Hard Boiled movie on Blu-ray Disc. This is currently the only way to get Hard Boiled region in region free high definition. Even the regular Playstation 3 version of Stranglehold does not include it.

Click here to purchase Stranglehold CE for PS3 at

Ready for thrills? Experience the excitement of true next-gen action as you take on the role of Inspector Tequila from John Woo’s influential action film, Hard Boiled starring Chow Yun-Fat. Ensnared by a crime boss with a gripping secret, Inspector Tequila is forced to cross the line from sworn duty to bloody revenge. Engage your enemies with intense cinematic gun battles and cause massive environmental damage in real-time or revolutionary slow-motion Tequila Time.

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