Adama Says Buy The Plan on Blu-ray, Get More Battlestar Movies

Edward James Olmos raised eyebrows at Comic-Con last week when he compared Battlestar Galactica to Blade Runner. But it was his remarks about the future of his character, Admiral Adama, to UGO in a Comic-Con interview that caught my attention.

“I know very well how he did it – and it wasn’t easy,” Olmos responded when asked about how Adama fared after the series finale. “Basically, he ended up building a very rustic cabin and the last I heard, he got a knock at the door years later from Colonel Tigh and the Colonel came in and said “we have a problem” and they took off together. If you want to know the remainder of that story, it’s a real spoiler! You’ll have to wait for the movie.”

Wait, another movie?!? The possibility of Tigh intermingling with cavemen? If Olmos has his way then that is exactly what’s next for the franchise, even as Caprica preps to air its first season in January, 2010.

The road to continuing the exploits of Adama and Tigh is full of obstacles, including the pitch has not been made to Ron Moore and, most notably, the success of this fall’s direct-to-video debut of The Plan. Its sales will directly impact whether financiers are willing to back another Battlestar-themed film, a tough sell since most of the cast has already moved on.

“It’s now up to the viewer,” added Olmos. “If the family of Battlestar wants it to continue, now is the time to vote, just go out and buy the Blu ray! So say we all!”

There you have it. Either Olmos is desperate for sales since he directed The Plan and has a larger personal stake, or he genuinely wants Battlestar to continue. I think you all know where his heart lies. So say we all.

If you want to see the Battlestar Galactica franchise carry forward with some of its original cast, be sure to pick up The Plan on Blu-ray Disc or DVD on October 27 (or get a head start and click here to pre-order either version of The Plan at

Be sure to read the full interview with Edward James Olmos over at UGO.

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