A Hint at Big November 7 Blu-ray Titles?

While not commendable for laser-accurate product listings, the SonyStyle website does appear to be reasonably reliable when it comes to handling their own Blu-ray Disc format. Sure, ‘MI-3’ is listed for a October 24 release – a week before the actual release – but at least its in the ballpark and not on the other side of the bay.

The newest listings are what we’re most interested in as they offer a glimpse of what Sony has planned leading into the big Playstation 3 push. On November 7, SonyStyle would like us to believe ‘L4yer Cake,’ ‘Black Hawk Down’ and ‘Nacho Libre’ will be readily available in stores. If you recall, ‘Black Hawk Down’ is the first BD-50 dual layer disc Sony is producing that was originally slated for back in August, but was delayed due to unconfirmed reports of either playback issues on the Samsung BD-P1000 player or manufacturing glitches.

‘L4yer Cake’ makes sense as it stars the new 007 Daniel Craig and would time perfectly with the theatrical release of ‘Casino Royale’ later that month. If the trailer is any indication, Mr. Craig will be a hot commodity this holiday season and ‘L4yer Cake’ will find a huge new audience.

Lastly ‘Nacro Libre’ has been rumored for a simultaneous release on Blu-ray and HD-DVD for several weeks now, so this listing comes as no surprise.

We should know more by Monday when Sony will announce another batch of new home video releases that will hopefully include ‘Black Hawk Down.’ Stay tuned.

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