3000AD “sells out” to Microsoft Xbox 360

3000AD, developer of the popular Battlecruiser Online PC game, today announced they are in the process of a major console sellout (their words) and will offer a pair of Xbox 360 games in the future. The first game, Hostile Intent: Planetfall, is a revamped port of an existing PC title. It is being designed to be smaller than traditional PC game worlds but larger than traditional console game worlds. In their words, we’re to expect vastly improved graphics engines; advanced AI; massive game world featuring space and planetary worlds, scenarios including space and planetary excursions; first person and vehicular combat as well as a skill based progress system (e.g. from pilot to commander) through a revised campaign system; and nail biting scenarios.

The second game, KnightBlade : Line Of Defense, is an all-new intellectual property designed with the Xbox 360 in mind. The official synopsis is as follows:

Set in the existing game world, it is an episodic (three titles are planned in the series) game which tells the story of a band of renegades in a stolen experimental GALCOM craft – the GCV-KnightBlade who – against overwhelming odds, are the last line of defense against an embattled Earth.

Designed and developed from the ground up using the Reality Engine license, the entire game takes place in full 3D. The entire ship, stations etc are all gloriously rendered in rich 3D environments.

The KnightBlade crew of fourteen includes the commander, his XO, navigator, doctor, combat pilots and a bunch of marines who make up a makeshift ragtag army.

Featuring elements of 3000AD’s traditional games, scenarios take place in space and on planets while featuring first person, flight and vehicular combat on a richly detailed world, complete with interior levels for all units that the player interacts with.

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