Potential Final Kylo Ren Helmet From Star Wars The Force Awakens Image Surfaces

Star Wars: The Force Awaken trailer date

As we count down the final weeks and days to the second Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens trailer, a new disturbance in the Force has delivered what might be the first glimpse at the final Kylo Ren helmet design that will be menacing screens this December.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with your Star Wars Episode 7 spoilers, Kylo Ren is at least one of the main antagonists in the film who wields a red lightsaber with a cross guard and wears a tattered black cloak with a hood. Think Darth Maul, only taller.

What’s under that hood is where much of the spoiler discussions has been directed. Not too long ago the website Indie Revolver leaked what appeared to be concept art for Kylo Ren’s helmet, pictured below.

Those distinctive lines around the eye sockets have reappeared in a new leaked image today albeit in white, this one showing up on the image sharing website imgur and reported by Making Star Wars. The blurry image looks like part of a puzzle for kids with generously sized pieces. Ren is clearly visible front and center with one of the new J.J. Abrams Stormtroopers to his left.

Jason at Making Star Wars is claiming the image is legit and I’d tend to agree with him. Not because a source says so, but because that artwork with puzzle pieces cut into it would be hard to fake and the cross through the puzzle is the type of marking put on an image, possibly a catalog for retailers, that isn’t meant for public consumption or reproduction. In other words, someone snapped a quick cell phone shot of this puzzle image/catalog page when no one was looking.

I fully expect Kylo Ren’s helmet to premiere in the flesh so-to-speaking in the next trailer. The puzzle proves that his character will be an integral part of the marketing and there’s little sense in trying to keep the design under wraps through the entire summer before merchandise starts arriving in stores this September.

Source: Making Star Wars

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