New Batman v Superman TV Spot

The beauty of NFL playoffs football season for movie fans is movie studios love to tap into those audiences to publicize their big upcoming film. That’s precisely what happened during Wild Card weekend as Warner Bros. debuted a new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice TV spot that repositions a piece of dialogue from the first teaser trailer.

The spot, which plays more like a choppy clip, begins with Batman (Ben Affleck) tearing around a corner while driving the Batmobile. In front of him stands a stoic and defiant Superman (Henry Cavill), who doesn’t seem amused by the Dark Knight’s antics.

Batman attempts to run over Superman only to have the Man Steel effortlessly kick the Batmobile into a Gotham City gas station pump area. Batman slowly emerges from his ride, a shot we’ve seen in the previous trailer, then asks Superman, “Do you bleed?”

We were lead to believe from the first Batman v Superman teaser trailer that this line was part of the epic fight where Batman takes on Superman while wearing his armor. Here we see it spoken with Batman’s lips so this is the right place for it in the film.

Superman seems more annoyed than anything by Batman’s question and simply takes off into the sky. While glancing upward Batman finishes his thought with, “you will.”

New Batman v Superman TV spot

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