‘Avengers 4’ Theories: What Happens Next

Are you an Avengers fan who has recently watched Avengers: Infinity War? If so, then you undoubtedly must be wondering what will happen in the next episode as there are many unresolved plot conflicts. Like many other fans, you must have a ton of questions and theories on what will happen next. Today, we will present the most popular and smartest theories of what may happen next. 

The Avengers films are without any doubt the best and most popular Marvel movies. They have thrilling and exciting plots and scenarios, brilliant actors and special effects. Some fans even use a custom dissertation writing service to write reflective papers on the movie. There is so much Avengers information that millions of theories can be put forward. After watching Infinity War, many fans were left with questions. The ending raised more questions than it answered. The plot remained unsolved, increasing our curiosity and interest to watch Avengers 4.

The Avengers failed to conquer Thanos, and he ran away to another planet, or did he? The unresolved plot made many marvel fans create interesting theories to explain what is going to occur after the events shown in the film. Here are some of the most popular theories floating around.

Yes, They Really Died and Will Not Become Alive Again

It is unbelievable how many characters met their death in the Avengers 3. If we were going to provide the whole list of all those who encountered an unfortunate ending, we would not have enough time to talk about the important theories. Such a list is available here. Those who died because Thanos took control of the Infinity Stones are surely dead and will not return. This is the simplest explanation of their fate. However, as we know those were ordered to be killed by Thanos turned to dust. Why did they “die” in such a peculiar way? The next theory will explain.

The Stone Took Them to Another World

As we know, those who were not a part of the original Avengers cast and died because of Thanos’ command did so by turning into dust. Maybe they did not die, after all? Maybe they didn’t perish and here is why – this magic stone which was used by Thanos, called the Soul Stone, puts those who it is used against in a special world. This world is called the Soulworld. Furthermore, it is possible to assume that half of the entire universe is now trapped in the Soulworld. If Avengers manage to steal the stone from Thanos, they can free all those and everything that is trapped in it.


Gamora Is Alive and Can Help Conquer Thanos

Remember what Thanos did to Gamora? You must be thinking she is dead, aren’t you? But go back to the previous theory. Remember the Soul Stone? Well, actually, Gamora is in the Soulworld. How do we know this? Let’s go back to the moment when Thanos talked to Gamora after sacrificing her. He was talking to her in this weird orange place, remember? Well, the film directors have directly stated that this is the Soulworld she was talking from. This means that she is still alive. If she gets out of that place, she will be able to defeat Thanos by managing to imbalance the universe.

The Superheros Will Go Back to the Past

Okay, so if you are an avid Avengers fan, you might have already seen the leaked photos from the set of Avengers 4. The heroes seem to have gone back to the past. Why? First of all, they were wearing old costumes. Secondly, they were in the locations we are already acquainted with. This points out that, perhaps, we will see our beloved heroes traveling back in time in the next Avengers movie.

A Wedding, Seriously?

Yes, indeed. As you remember from the Infinity War, Pepper Potts and Tony Stark were talking about their future wedding before the evil forces entered the picture and ruined their plans. Thus, we may expect that sooner or later that highly anticipated event will finally take place, and most likely, in Avengers 4.


The Avengers story is certainly not over. Many questions are left unanswered, and there’s a sequel due out a year from now. Very soon we will find out if those theories are true. But as for now, we can only guess and hope that things will turn out alright and the Avengers will end up victorious.

Avengers 4 Theories

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