How to Turn Android Devices Into a Portable PS4

Nintendo Switch has proven that portable console games are likely here to stay. That is assuming you can find a Nintendo Switch to buy.

For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners, we’re tied to our homes to enjoy cool gaming nights and days. We can check in to our friends’ places or even run some gaming parties, but playing our own games is always better.

If you have ever thought about how can you take console gaming with you no matter where you go, there are solutions out there to take advantage of. One such solution, the PS4 emulator for Android – PSX4Droid – is one of them.

What is PSX4Droid?

PSX4Droid is an app that runs all PS4 games in most types of Android devices (Android 4 and up). Users need no special skills to make it work to enjoy their most beloved games within a few minutes after installing it.

PSX4Droid is not new, but it has become popular in recent months with the latest version over previous versions.

How to make it work on my smartphone

We will need an emulator app, a bios app and a test game. Note that if you are using an old or a cheap device, it might not be that easy to ensure the emulator functions properly.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to follow:

1. Find PSX4Droid in PlayMarket and download it to your smartphone or tablet

2. As soon as all is installed – get scph1001.bin, a bios for your emulator.

3. Find one game for test. It can be anything.

4. Plug your device into your computer, create a new folder in the root catalog. This folder should include both the scph1001.bin together with a game file

5. Open PSX4Droid settings, find bios and lead it to the folder you have created

6. Voila! It is time to check the game and start playing.

Are there any other options?

PlayMarket is home to all sorts of emulators and they are not limited to PlayStation. Emulators to access many popular games are available.

When installing any other app that demands no adjustments or additional settings, be ready to meet a few in-built games and nothing more. We hope this problem will be soon solved by official developers and distributors of PlayStation, as mobile versions and emulators are a growing part of the market.

Portable PS4

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