Skylanders Trap Team Wave 3 Blastermind, Tuff Luck and Ka-Boom Figures Available at Amazon

With the calendar year flipped to 2015, brand new Skylanders Trap Team wave 3 figures and traps have begun to trickle into stores for those fortunate enough to spot them. As with the release of any new Skylanders figures wave the initial shipments are gobbled up quickly and store stalking might be required to track down everything. Thankfully online shopping is here to help.

Online retailer currently has all five of the new Skylanders Trap Team wave 3 characters in stock. The Trap Masters include Blastermind, Tuff Luck and Ka-Boom priced at $14.99 each. New core Skylanders include Trail Blazer (not spelled “Trailblazer”) and Cobra Cadabra.

Blastermind is an especially important Skylander as he’s the first Magic Element Trap Master released by Activision. With Blastermind in hand, along with the new Light and Dark Element expansion packs that are still exclusive to Toys “R” Us stores for a couple more weeks, you will finally be able to access all the Elemental Gates in the game.

Here’s direct links to all the new Skylanders Trap Team wave 3 figures and characters at Amazon so you can grab them while they’re still in stock. If they go out of stock, and Blastermind surely will first, then bookmark the page and keep checking back regularly.

I’ve personally yet to see any of these five new Skylanders Trap Team wave 3 figures in stores. Wallop is also proving difficult to find in stores from wave 2 and he’s currently in stock as well.

What’s interesting about the three new Trap Masters is that the species of each matches existing characters. Blastermind has a resemblance to Kaos in his face and diminutive size. Tuff Luck and Cali are clearly of the same species, while Ka-Boom shares some similarities with Head Rush.

Skylanders Trap Team wave 4 is also on the way and should be in stores within the next couple months.

Skylanders Trap Team wave 3

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