Skylanders Trap Team King Cobra Cadabra Arriving in Stores

King Cobra Cadabra

If you thought Skylanders Trap Team was done doling out new figures before the imminent Skylanders 5 announcement, think again. King Cobra Cadabra has not only been officially announced and unveiled, but he’s apparently already starting to show up in North American stores.

King Cobra Cadabra is a repainted version of the Trap Team core Skylander, Cobra Cadabra. Rather than a predominantly dark blue color scheme, King Cobra Cadabra sports a blended white and gold palette that reflects the real-life King Cobra snake.

I was at Target and Toys “R” Us yesterday and didn’t spot a King Cobra Cadabra on the shelf despite Activision having already shipped the figure to stores. I did spot a lone Cobra Cadabra at Target and he’s been tougher to find, so keep those eyes peeled.

With Enigma, Fling Kong, Ship Wreck and now King Cobra Cadabra having been released, that’s a wrap on new Skylanders Trap Team product. Start saving those pennies for Skylanders 5 later this year.

Skylanders Trap Team King Cobra Cadabra

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