Skylanders SuperChargers Splat, Big Bubble Pop Fizz, Splatter Splasher and Soda Skimmer Added to Roster

The Skylanders SuperChargers character list is now more clear with the introduction of Splat and Big Bubble Pop Fizz along with their respective rides, the Splatter Splasher and Soda Skimmer.

Big Bubble Pop Fizz is of course the return of an existing fan favorite who has been reimagined as a SuperCharger Skylander with a complete;y new upgrade tree. In addition to the giant bubble-blowing horn he totes around, Big Bubble Pop Fizz also comes with his classic mutant beast upgrade augmented by a colorful twist, and a variety of all-new attacks.

For his ride, Big Bubble Pop Fizz hits the water in the Soda Skimmer vehicle. This is the first hovercraft introduced into the Skylanders SuperChargers lineup and the toy has a tough rubber material for the hovercraft portion befitting the vehicle in real life. Here’s a high-res gallery of Big Bubble Pop Fizz and the Soda Skimmer as first seen in the game and when it gets SuperCharged if Big Bubble Pop Fizz is behind the controls.

The Soda Skimmer is a rip-roaring, rapid riding machine! Running entirely on jet-potion and built with an indestructible inflatable material called “Bafloon” (created by Pop Fizz himself), this vehicle has all the right ingredients!

Complete new to Skylands is Splat, a female SuperCharger who wields a staff with paint brush bristles on each end. Splat is all about expressing herself in colors and has one of the more striking figures in the SuperChargers line that’s got a diverse color palette and select translucency. Like Big Bubble Pop Fizz sh’ the Magic Element.


Splat is a feisty faun who is primed and ready to unleash her fury with maximum flare! Splat grew up in a typical faun village, which was perfectly manicured and orderly. Every day in school, she and her classmates would recite the same poems, play the same music, and paint the same picture – which was always a portrait of their great ancestor, Fluty Hoofdancer. But this didn’t suit Splat. The only art she wanted to learn was the art of war! After school, she would sneak off to the river and practice her own free form fighting technique against Chompies and other creatures that were causing trouble. When the elder fauns learned of this, were outraged. But soon thereafter, a band of Drow attacked the village to steal their valuable art, and while the other fauns cowered in fear, Splat stood her ground. Unleashing her self-taught fighting style, she defended her village and sent the Drow running. Now as a member of the Skylanders, Splat makes quite the impression wherever she goes!

The Splatter Splasher is a high speed hydro-craft that leaves evil floating in its wake! With its ultra-slick armor and underwater enchantment, Splat’s custom ride is a force to be reckoned with above and below the surface!

To wrap up this announcement, here’s a selection of screenshots featuring these two new Skylanders SuperChargers characters and their vehicles. I don’t have a precise release date to share but I would expect them on shelf before the year is out.

Skylanders SuperChargers Splat

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