Skylanders SuperChargers Holiday 2015 Figures and Vehicle Wave Revealed

Skylanders SuperChargers Holiday 2015

New Skylanders SuperChargers toys are being shipped to stores this holiday season so new figures and vehicles can find their way under Christmas trees around the world. I’ll let you know which of the new Skylanders SuperChargers holiday 2015 toys is my favorite as well as reveal the new holiday repaint figure that’s full of Christmas spirit.

The Skylanders SuperChargers holiday 2015 wave consists of individually sold figures Lava Lance Eruptor, Big Bubble Pop Fizz, and Splat. Balancing the assortment are three vehicles: Thump Truck, Shield Striker, and the Splatter Splasher. The only figure now available without a matching vehicle is Big Bubble Pop Fizz.

The Sky Racing Action Pack including Astro Blast, the Sun Runner vehicle, and Sky Trophy modeled after Wolfgang will get a normal retail release. A Legendary version of this racing pack has been available exclusively at Toys “R” Us stores for a few weeks already.

Eon’s Elite ranks will expand with the addition of three Spyro’s Adventure favorites: Dino-Rang, Ghost Roaster and Boomer. All three figures are a timed Toys “R” Us exclusive and will be available to buy at stores beginning November 29.

Last but not least, this year’s holiday repaint is Missile-Tow Dive-Clops. Is that name perfect or what? Here’s a high resolution image of what he looks like:

Skylanders SuperChargers Missile Tow Dive Clops

My favorite figure or vehicle in this new wave is hands-down the Thump Truck. Not only is it imposing in size as seen above, but the tires are made of a thick rubber material that makes it feel extra durable and playable on the floor.

Be on the lookout as these new Skylanders SuperChargers figures and vehicles should arrive in stores literally any day now.

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