‘Sea of Thieves’ Xbox E3 Live Stream: Find Out When and Where

Sea of Thieves Xbox

Microsoft will be pushing Sea of Thieves for the second E3 in a row with breaking news that a world premiere live stream of gameplay from the upcoming Xbox One and Scorpio cooperative adventure game is slated to take place today.

The Sea of Thieves live stream is scheduled to begin a 6 pm EST / 3 pm PST. You can watch the live broadcast here at Mixer.com.

A teaser image at Mixer shows a pirate ship being attacked by a massive octopus as well as a shark ready to chomp pirates who topple into the sea. Are these hints are new gameplay features set to be announced during the press conference? I’d place the likelihood between high and all-but-confirmed.

Microsoft needs exclusives to help launch Project Scorpio this holiday season and Sea of Thieves is likely one of them. Hopefully we’ll get a solid release date and full features set rather than another gameplay tease and ambiguous language regarding the game’s future arrival.

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