Injustice 2 Officially Announced Ahead Of E3

Injustice: Gods Among Us, the DC-comics based fighting game from 2013, is finally getting a sequel, as Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios unleashed the teaser trailer today. Injustice 2 looks to have the same stellar line up of heroes and even promises some new fighters/characters, as Supergirl can be seen briefly in the trailer. Here’s hoping that Melissa Benoist — TV’s Supergirl — provides the voice for her, much like Stephen Amell did for Green Arrow in the first game. And a TV-show-version Supergirl skin would also be very welcome. Also, Gorilla Grodd has been confirmed as a playable character.

The trailer also features Bryan Cranston doing the voice over, talking about battles, conflict, and pits, as DC’s top heroes battle it out in a very shadowy location. Each character also seems to have the ability to “armor up,” possibly in mid-battle. While it’s strange to see Superman wear armor, we completely trust Ed Boon and his team at NetherRealm to come up with a good reason for the armor. After the amazing job they did with the first game, I can’t wait to see what they are cooking up here.

Tyler Lansdown, a NetherRealm Community Specialist on the official PlayStation Blog revealed some insights about the new armor system, character customization, and a loot drop system.

“At NetherRealm, we always want to make games that are fun, challenging and innovative. We strive to give players a level of control that makes playing our games a truly personal experience. For that reason, we have introduced a brand new Gear System, allowing players to build their own version of Superman, their Batman and ultimately, their Injustice Universe.

“The Gear System uses RPG-like mechanics to reward you with loot drops every time you play the game. With each loot drop, you will earn character-specific gear to outfit and power up your roster – changing not only the look of each character, but your fight strategy and your personal approach to every match. As you gear up your characters, you’re building a roster of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains that reflects your choices, and your preferences, which can be vastly different than your opponents. A few play sessions in, you can expect your Aquaman to look and play different than anyone else’s Aquaman you may come across.”


The first Injustice game was a very dark affair that centered around a version of Earth where the Joker blew up Metropolis — killing everyone, including Lois and Clark Kent’s child, causing Superman to go off the deep end, killing anyone who opposed him, even his friends, and essentially taking over the world with his despot-like iron rule. Only Earth One’s DC heroes could stop him. The story was amazingly deep — and tragic — not just for a fighting game, but for any comic book-based game, and Injustice stands as one of the best DC Comics-based games ever.

Not much else is known about the new game, other than the tag line “Every battle defines you,” and that it will come out in 2017, but expect more details — hopefully a character list, and more info on customization — to come out next week at E3 in Los Angeles.

Injustice 2 from WB Games and NetherRealm Studios will be released in 2017.

Injustice 2

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