Gearshift Skylanders Trap Team Limited Edition Figure Revealed; Pre-Order Today (Updated)

Gearshift Skylanders Trap Team Limited Edition Figure Revealed; Pre-Order Today (Updated)Yesterday we teased a new Skylanders Trap Team Trap Master figure. Today is the full reveal of the character that will be known as Gearshift.

This lovely robotic lady is a little different from the other Skylanders announced for Trap Team thus far. Whereas those figures won’t be available to pre-order until closer to the game’s release, you can pre-order Gearshift right now.

The reasoning behind pre-order Gearshift now is that she will be available in limited quantities only until her formal release in 2015. How limited? We don’t know. If you do secure a pre-order, you will have Gearshift in-hand on October 5 when the game formally launches.

Update: Click here to pre-order Gearshift at for $14.99. A first screenshot of Gearshift has been added below.

Gearshift is supposed to go up for pre-order today at all major retail outlets. I haven’t spotted an online pre-order yet but will update this article when they appear.

Here’s the official Gearshift bio:

Gearshift was created on the Tech island of Metallana by King Mercurus, who considered the young robot to be his own daughter. But rather than performing royal duties, Gearshift preferred to spend her time in the oily depths of the kingdom among its workers, secretly tending to the huge subterranean machines. When her father discovered this, he was furious – but then a squadron of Undead Stormriders suddenly attacked. Learning that these marauders wanted to capture her father, Gearshift used her knowledge of the labyrinth below to hide him. Seizing the emblem of her people – The Great Gear – she used it to fight the Stormriders, inspiring the workers to rise up. Together, they drove the Stormriders out of Metallana and saved the kingdom. For this, Gearshift was made part of the Trap Team, using her new awesome Traptanium-forged gear to help defend Skylands.

Click the Gearshift image below for a high resolution look.

Gearshift Skylanders Trap Team Limited Edition Figure Revealed; Pre-Order Now

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