‘Eagle Island’ Kickstarter Campaign

Readers who follow my reviews know how much I love indie games. We live in a world where small teams can now create original and innovative games that would rival huge company releases from back when I grew up with in the 80’s and 90’s. Sidescrollers have a huge place in my heart, along with anything retro that give me the nostalgia feels. While searching Kickstarter for new projects I came across game Eagle Island.  UK Developer Nick Gregory is looking to fund his very first indie title. From what I saw and played in the small demo available, it deserves to be made. Take a look and help fund this amazing looking pixel art sidescroller, the pledge window ends May 15th so hurry.


From Eagle Island Kickstarter page:

Explore the avian world of Eagle Island with Quill and one of his loyal owls, Koji. Discover lush forests, treacherous caverns and uncover the ruins of long lost civilizations. Finally, confront the gargantuan deity, Armaura, in a desperate attempt to rescue Ichiro from her clutches.

With its falconry-based gameplay within uniquely generated worlds, Eagle Island is set to a beautifully modernized pixel art aesthetic and provides a breath of fresh air to the platforming genre.

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