Disney Infinity Hulk Release Date Confirmed

The most sought after Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes is none other than the big green guy, the Incredible Hulk. He was packaged exclusively with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Collector’s Edition Starter Packs for the game’s launch in late September, but is not yet available to purchase as a standalone figure like Hawkeye and Captain America are.

Thanks to a new Hulk pre-order page at Amazon.com, the confirmed Disney Infinity Hulk release date as a standalone figure can be inked in for Tuesday, October 28. This is the date that Sony will lose the exclusivity it currently has on the figure, and the same day those of you playing on non-Sony platforms will be able to assemble all the Avengers within the game without paying exorbitant prices on Ebay or other secondary markets.

The Disney Infinity 2.0 Hulk figure works in the Toy Box 2.0 as well as The Avengers Play Set and in the Spider-Man Play Set, assuming you locate all 10 of his hidden tokens.

Hulk has some great moves including the ability to climb up buildings, super jump, and his special attack is a massive roar that smashes most enemies within its range.

Disney Interactive has priced the Disney Infinity Hulk figure at $13.99.

Disney Infinity Hulk release date

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