‘Destiny 2’ Shoots For September In New Trailer

Activision and Bungie have released the first trailer for Destiny 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to their mega-popular MMO shooter. While the trailer (and the teaser to that trailer, which was also released earlier this week) shows no game footage, fans and veteran Guardians have enough clues to start piecing together what may be ahead in the world of Destiny.

The stuff has hit the fan. That’s the biggest takeaway from the trailer (embedded below). The Tower has fallen, which means that the last stronghold on Earth is no more. What will this mean for the Guardians? Where will we all get together to dance, kick soccer balls, and sell our loot? Bungie hasn’t given any hints yet, but the loss of the crown jewel of the Guardians home bases will be felt.

Destiny 2 Reveal

Will all of the outposts and bases established in Taken King and Iron Lords also be destroyed? Will Destiny 2 wipe the slate clean across the board and set Guardians on a new path with new directions?

Another takeaway from the trailer is the introduction of a new baddie, and if this big bad was able to focus our enemies, called the Red Legion, into one cohesive unit — cohesive enough to take out the Tower — this could be a problem for players old and new.

The last bit of info pulled from the trailer are two important dates. May 18, for the gameplay reveal, and September 8, 2017, as the release date. Sony and Activision have a deal in place that the PS4 will receive priority content for up to a year before other systems, and for the first time ever, Destiny 2 will be available for PC.

“The past three years have been incredibly inspiring and rewarding for Bungie. To know that millions of players around the world have forged lasting Destiny memories and even made it their hobby is truly humbling and we can’t wait to continue the journey,” Pete Parsons, the CEO of Bungie, said. “We are looking forward to sharing a fresh, inviting story, and with the upcoming Destiny 2 Beta slated for this summer, we are eager to get feedback from millions of players around the world who will get a glimpse of the new adventures that will unfold for all of us.  Together, with our partners at Activision, we are thrilled to get Destiny 2 in the hands of players in September.”

Bungie always said that Destiny was designed to be a 10-year project, yet we are only coming up on year four, meaning that Destiny 2, if it follows the same trajectory as the first game, will take three more years with annual updates, which, in turn, means that Destiny 3, sometime in the future, will take us up to year 10 and end the story of the Traveller and the Guardians, and the fight for universal supremacy. But that’s years down the road. For now, let’s enjoy the announce trailer, and laugh along with Cayde-6 and his (in)ability to rally the troops.

Destiny 2 will be available on September 8, 2017, on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Destiny 2 Reveal

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