Bayonetta Cosplay on Wii U: Suiting Up as Samus, Link and Princess Peach

Bayonetta loves her cosplay, and as revealed at E3 this past June, the new Wii U port of the original classic Bayonetta game — available exclusively as a bonus component of the Bayonetta 2 package — will introduce new Nintendo-inspired costume selections of Samus, Link and Princess Peach.

Isao Negishi, Platinum Games director of the Bayonetta Wii U port, shared an update today that offers us a new look at each of these costumes in the game. Take note that the Samus power suit is from the original Metroid NES game, and original Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya had to sign off on every new Nintendo outfit being included in the Bayonetta port to Wii U.

These Nintendo cosplay outfits offer more than eye candy. The Princess Pea outfit has the ability to summon Bowser. The Link costume grants access to the Master Sword when the Shuraba weapon is equipped, and also changes some of the in-game sounds like opening chests to familiar Zelda jingles. And with the Samus suit, you’ll be able to flip her visor up or down during the cut-scenes. Apparently this is an addictive practice to partake in.

Negishi ends his blog by hinting that the Bayonetta port is more of a “special edition” and more new features could be announced before the game’s release packaged with Bayonetta 2 later this year, exclusively for Wii U.

Here’s the Bayonetta Wii U Nintendo costumes trailer, followed by a trio of high resolution screenshots.

Source: Platinum Games

Bayonetta Cosplay

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