Activision’s Sierra Resurrection Could Deliver New King’s Quest Game

Sierra King's Quest

Gamescom 2014 got a lot more interesting last week when gaming journalist Geoff Keighley dropped a tweet on August 7 that read simply, “All I have to say is this…” Hopping over to the website showed the classic gaming publisher and developer Sierra Entertainment was being resurrected with a modernized logo, more would be revealed at Gamescom 2014, and behemoth publisher Activision — who owns Sierra — was behind the surprising revival.

Sierra Entertainment was first formed in 1979 and designed some of the most classic video games during the 1980s that help shaped the industry. Some of those classic franchises include Quest for Glory, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, Space Quest, The Adventures of Willy Beamish, and many others. The company changed hands numerous times after 1990 until Activision took control for good in 2008.

It would seem unlikely for Activision to go through the hassle of resurrecting Sierra Entertainment to produce new IPs under such an iconic brand to the generation that grew up playing Sierra games. The value in the brand is in its classic IPs, so rumors have been flying since Keighley’s first tweet about which franchise Sierra would reinvent for Activision to publish.

Gamescom press conferences don’t get underway for another couple days with the event starting officially on Wednesday, August 13 from Cologne, Germany. Thankfully Keighley wasn’t done sharing inside information, and his last tweet reveals precisely what classic game would be returning; King’s Quest. Citing “credible reports, ” Keighley also suggests that developer The Odd Gentlemen is working on the game, to which they had a humorous response.

Sierra’s King’s Quest was first released in 1984 and spanned eight core and six supplemental games that carried it through 1998. The massive adventure franchise and its deep mythology spawned books and is arguably the most successful series that Sierra developed.

The return of King’s Quest with today’s technology and online gaming communities could offer a huge boost to Activision’s games lineup, especially if King’s Quest were available on new-generation consoles Xbox One and PS4 as well as Windows PC.

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