X-Files Revelations DVD Giveaway

On July 25, the second feature-length X-Files movie, X-Files: I Want to Believe, will unleash its secrets on the big screen.

It has been 10 years since the first X-Files movie was released, a long time to wait to revisit Scully and Mulder on their quest for the truth. To help refresh your memory, Fox Home Entertainment is releasing a DVD compilation of X-Files greatest hits episodes titled X-Files: Revelations on July 8.

We’ve secured a trio of Revelatons DVDs to hand out to the lucky winners of this giveaway. You can enter for a chance to win by sending in the form below and up your chances of being selected by returning every day to enter again.

About X-Files Revelations: Relive FBI Agent Fox Mulder’s (Duchovny) desperate search for the truth after witnessing the alien abduction of his sister when he was a young boy. Follow Agent Dana Scully (Anderson) as she and Mulder encounter growing proof of the existence of extra-terrestrials, an undeniable government conspiracy and the unexplained paranormal phenomena.

Includes the series Pilot (from Season 1); Beyond the Sea (from Season 1); The Host (from Season 2); Clyde Bruckmans Final Repose (from Season 3); Memento Mori (from Season 4); Post-Modern Prometheus (from Season 5); Bad Blood (from Season 5); Milagro (from Season 6); theatrical trailer for I Want to Believe; and the WonderCon talent panel session.

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