T-Mobile Connected Sidekick LX Giveaway

T-Mobile has launched a new webseries called Connected and is looking to help get the word out. In other words, they’ve offered up some free tech swag that you’ll have the chance of taking home.

One lucky winner of this giveaway will find a new Sidekick LX phone (no service) in their mailbox. Interested in becoming that person? Simply fill out and submit the form below to us. If you’d like to up your odds of winning the Sidekick LX, return each day the contest is running and enter again. Good luck!

About the Sidekick LX: Kick it to the next level. The new Sidekick LX is sleeker and slimmer, including a large screen that incorporates high-definition LCD technology, a camera with flash, and mood lights which lets users set specific settings for various communication alerts. The LX is also Bluetooth capable, and has signature swivel screen, amazing keyboard, plus the killer MySpace experience, you can’t miss.

The series is online now at http://www.t-mobileconnected.com.

This contest has expired. Browse and enter our open contests.

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