BBC’s Oceans DVD Giveaway (3 Available)

BBC’s 2008 Oceans documentary is coming to DVD on June 8 in a three-disc set.

To coincide with its release, we are awarding three lucky readers Oceans on DVD as randomly drawn in this giveaway. Fill out the short below to enter, and you can optionally return any or every day thereafter to enter again. Each additional entry increases your odds of winning.

Hidden within the depths of our oceans are secrets about our past, our planet and life itself. At last, an international team of underwater explorers is ready to dive in and discover them. This spectacular, surprising series combines archeology, geology, marine biology and anthropology with all the energy and excitement of a good thriller. Astonishing footage captures the full beauty of the alien world and video diaries vividly reflect the teams stresses, successes, disappointments and dangers. From discovering the truth behind rumors that the Mediterranean has become a breeding ground for the Great White, to exploring ancient wrecks that tell tales of piracy past and present, the team ventures fearlessly into some of the planet’s most challenging environments providing a vital and timely understanding of our oceans.

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