Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 5 DVD Giveaway

So they’re not teens, and they definitely don’t live or operate in the water. So what the heck are they? Who really cares! They’re funny, irrelevant, technically edible, and the cornerstone of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim shows.

Frylock, Meatwad and Master Shake are currently enjoying the January 29 release of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 5 on DVD. The two-disc set is packed with 15 episodes and a strong selection of greasy special features like deleted scenes, promos, an interview with Space Ghost for the gang’s movie premiere, a music video, and the Force’s response to critics.

Since is the fifth volume to be released, we’re giving away five copies to five lucky winners. If you want in on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, fill out and submit the form below to us. Your odds will greatly increase by entering once per day as long as the contest is running, so get on it!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the epic tale of Frylock, Master Shake and Meatwad, three human-sized food products looking for acceptance, friendship and yes, even love, in the wilds of New Jersey. The rest of the time, they do things like try to figure out ways to make money or hang out in their neighbor Carl’s above-ground swimming pool, and stuff like that. And uh, that’s cool.

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