Aliens vs Predator Requiem DVD Giveaway

What happens when you mix alien facehuggers, a small town full of unsuspecting humans, a Predator, and special effects gurus behind the camera? You get Aliens vs Predator Requiem, the second cross-feature of favorite Fox baddies now available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

We’ve teamed up with Fox to offer up 3 copies of Aliens vs Predator Requiem to the lucky winners of this contest. To enter, simply fill out the form below and send it along to us. You can return each day the contest is active and enter again to increase your odds. Good luck!

About Aliens vs Predator Requiem: On Earth everyone can hear you scream, especially when a horrifying PredAlien crash-lands near a small Colorado town, killing everyone it encounters-and producing countless Alien offspring-with terrifying efficiency. When a lone Predator arrives to “clean up” the infestation, it’s an all-out battle to the death with no rules, no mercy, and hundreds of innocent people caught in the crossfire. As the creature carnage continues, a handful of human survivors attempt a daring escape, but the U.S. government may be hatching a deadly plan of its own…

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