World War Z and Brad Pitt Winning at Box Office and Blu-ray Pre-Orders

World War Z and Brad Pitt Winning at Box Office and Blu-ray Pre-OrdersParamount and Brad Pitt’s World War Z continues to defy the haze of bad buzz that swirled around the film right up until its release a week ago. Not only is the film continuing to perform well at the box office, it’s Blu-ray and DVD pre-orders are also surprisingly higher than one might expect.

Today marks the eighth day World War Z has been playing in cinemas across North America and the results are looking far better than the flop many predicted the PG-13 rated zombies apocalypse flick was destined to become. It has earned $88.3 million thus far and will certainly cross $100 million before the weekend is out. If Disney’s The Lone Ranger either fails to connect or sells out, World War Z will pick up some of the spillover moviegoers and could get another boost.

Overseas, World War Z has earned just shy of $46 million to date and has yet to open in numerous territories. Combined the Marc Forster-directed action film stands at $134 million in worldwide ticket sales; a far cry from the film’s estimated $190 million budget, but a mark reached relatively quickly with many more potential tickets left to sell.

Paramount made World War Z available to pre-order on individual Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray combo packs during the second day of its theatrical release. It quickly climbed into Amazon’s top 10 bestselling Blu-ray titles and has settled into the third (Blu-ray 3D combo) and fourth (Blu-ray combo) position behind the two Star Trek Into Darkness skus. Paramount’s Home Entertainment division should be all smiles right now, that is until Man of Steel comes along and bumps both of them down.

Pre-order World War Z for over 50% off the list price at Amazon: Blu-ray combo | Blu-ray 3D combo.

Paramount is already in the very early planning stages of a War World Z sequel so if you liked the film and already pre-ordered the Blu-ray, there’s a strong possibility that more zombie mayhem is on the way.

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