Weekend Box Office Predictions Game: Mel Battles Avatar

The Tooth Fairy slammed the Prophet in last week’s round of our weekly Weekend Box Office Predictions game. By missing The Rock’s latest kids fare by over $7 million, the Prophet was beaten by the players 3-2 (view the results) fair and square. The all-time leaderboard winner WalkingDisaster fended off a slew of close competitors (view the leaderboard) and will take home a copy of Whip It on Blu-ray or DVD for the first place finish.

A string of three new opening films is cut to two for this upcoming weekend’s round. Mel Gibson breaks his nearly 8-year drought in front of the camera in Edge of Darkness, while Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell assume the role of leads in a romantic comedy with When in Rome. Holdovers include James Cameron’s Avatar, The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington, and the horror/thriller Legion.

The object of this game is to guess the final domestic box office dollars in millions for these five films from Friday, January 29 through Sunday, January 31. Your prediction is averaged in with the other players for a cumulative score to compete against the Prophet predictions.

Should the average player differences between the actual box office gross and predicted grosses beat the Prophet for 3 or more of the 5 films, the top player will win a prize: Clint Eastwood’s Mystic River on Blu-ray Disc. If the Prophet wins then that prize will rollover into the next round and be joined by another prize.

Once you are logged in, the average player scores will update in real time below as new predictions are entered. The entry period will close the evening of Thursday, January 28, with this round’s results being published in the next round’s game page on Tuesday.

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