John Wick: Chapter 2 4K Blu-ray Review

John Wick: Chapter 2 4K Blu-ray Review
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Lionsgate’s John Wick was one of the most surprising action movie hits in recent memory so it’s only fitting that John Wick: Chapter 2 carries the torch forward without falling into many sequel pitfalls. A gloriously entertaining sequel deserves and equally stunning 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray presentation and this one packs a punch.

The key to John Wick’s success was its innovative action sequences and star Keanu Reeves’ willingness to do many of the stunts himself. It was a tall order for John Wick: Chapter 2 to maintain that innovation and level of adrenaline, and yet director Chad Stahelski pulled it off in the opening act that not only entertains, but closes a hanging plot thread from the original.

In addition to upping the action ante, John Wick: Chapter 2 delves deeper into the franchise’s mysterious dark underworld of hit men. Wick’s futile attempts to retire are foiled by a sacred oath he took many years ago, putting him in the cross-hairs of an assassin with a god complex.

As layers slowly peek back and the body count rises, John Wick: Chapter 2 might have gone one step too far by suggesting that anyone, no matter their physical appearance, could be an undercover assassin. Whether the idea flops or pays off will have to wait for the inevitable sequel.

John Wick Chapter 2 4K Blu-ray cover artThe 4K UHD Blu-ray format is really starting to mature and John Wick: Chapter 2 is evidence of that. Hold onto your butts as this 4K presentation is a stunner. We’re talking inky blacks, vibrant colors, incredible depth, and nuanced detail without a hint of blemishes. The final battle, shot inside a colorful hall of mirrors, is worth the price of admission alone.

A film like John Wick: Chapter 2 that goes through crates of ammunition deserves to be loud and this Dolby Atmos mix will blow your eardrums out if the volume’s too high. Audiophiles will melt into happiness from beginning to end. My only gripe, a minor one at that, is the score plays a tad loud at times with slight interference over dialogue.

Bonus features successfully grant access inside the production of John Wick: Chapter 2. Obviously a film like this is not easy to make, but going through the extras grant a new appreciation for Reeves, Stahelski, and the entire cast and crew. For example, their giddiness when finally nailing a difficult car jump is infectious and makes you want to root for this team to keep making these films forever.

Here’s a rundown of all the bonus features with tons of Keanu Reeves, a star who refreshingly doesn’t act like one:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • “RetroWick: Exploring the Unexpected Success of John Wick” Featurette
  • ‘Training John Wick” Featurette
  • “WICK-vizzed” Featurette
  • “Friends, Confidantes: The Keanu/Chad Partnership” Featurette
  • “As Above, So Below: The Underworld of John Wick” Featurette
  • “Car Fu Ride-Along” Featurette
  • “Chamber Deck: Evolution of a Fight Scene” Featurette
  • “Wick’s Toolbox” Featurette
  • “Kill Count” Featurette
  • Dog Wick Short
  • Audio Commentary with Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski

Everything about the John Wick: Chapter 2 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray is simply “wow.” I’m blown away by the film making the franchise two for two, and I’m grinding my teeth that it had to end on a cliffhanger. When it comes to delivering the goods, this sequel and its presentation check all the boxes and rip the page while doing so.

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