‘Dexter: New Blood’ Blu-ray and DVD Release Date, Pre-Order

Dexter: New Blood Blu-ray DVD Pre-order

Less than 24 hours after the Dexter: New Blood finale premiered on Showtime’s Anytime streaming app, pre-order listings for the revival season have appeared at numerous online retailers.

Update: Dexter: New Blood has been officially announced with the March 22nd release date confirmed. Additionally there is a Steelbook Blu-ray format version now available for pre-order that spans four discs and includes and exclusive 30-minute featurette.

Bonus features include the following:

  • Why Now? – Dexter Morgan is back: Hall, Phillips and Carpenter are here to tell you what
    to expect.
  • Dissecting DEXTER: NEW BLOOD – Deb is Back – Deb returns as Dexter’s conscience
    while he navigates his new life. Hall and Carpenter dive into their roles as Dexter and Deb
    Morgan in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD.
  • Dissecting DEXTER: NEW BLOOD – The Kill Room – Get a behind-the-scenes look at
    Dexter’s kill room.
  • All Out on the Table – Spoilers ahead! Go inside the making of DEXTER: NEW BLOOD
    as the cast and crew lay it all out on the table to dissect their characters; reveal exclusive
    behind-the-scenes moments; and break down the emotional finale.

If we’re to believe Best Buy then the Dexter: New Blood Blu-ray and DVD release date is March 22nd, 2022. The timing of that release date seems about right, and Best Buy wouldn’t have published it if they didn’t have access to the currently planned date. Regardless, the date should be considered a rumor until confirmed by Showtime and Paramount.

Dexter fans can already get the jump on Dexter: New Blood and lock in a pre-order for the Blu-ray or DVD format editions at Amazon.

Pre-order Dexter: New Blood on Blu-ray at Amazon

Pre-order Dexter: New Blood on DVD at Amazon

There’s a chance that Showtime and Paramount Home Entertainment will issue a new Dexter: The Complete Series box set on the same date that New Blood drops. Look for definitive proof either in the coming weeks for when the official announcement is made.

The Dexter franchise revival not only delivered an all-new season, but some cool new products including a Dark Passenger action figure.

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