Watch Amazing Toys “R” Us ‘Star Wars’ Aisle Footage from 1980

Star Wars Toys R Us Footage 1980

If you’re a person of a certain age then you remember what Toys “R” Us action figure aisles looked like in the early-t0-mid 1980s. It was, in a word, nirvana for any kid.

You had most of or entire aisles devoted to Kenner’s Star Wars; Hasbro’s GI Joe and Transformers, and Mattel’s Masters of the Universe.

In the case of Star Wars and GI Joe, vehicle and playset boxes were stack from floor-to-ceiling with a fully built unboxed version hanging just above the reach of wide-eyed kids.

This 25-minute YouTube video from a local TV station was filmed on May 21, 1980 i.e. the exact day that Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back debuted in theaters.

You’ll discover B-Roll footage of Toys “R” Us shelf stockers shoving Millennium Falcons into place. Those same Falcons that today would be worth well over $10,000 in a case fresh box.

Toys “R” Us and the action figure golden age at brick-and-mortar retail may be gone, but at least we can relive some of those plastic-filled memories.

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