Super7 ThunderTank Pre-Order Window is Now Open

If you’ve already started collecting Super7’s ThunderCats Ultimates! 7″ action figure line then it would be difficult to not want an equally scaled ThunderTank to pose them in and around. If you haven’t and want to start with the ThunderTank then get ready to pony up a few bucks and then some.

The Super7 ThunderTank pre-order window is now officially open following a solid week of teases. It runs through April 2, 2021 and is available only to residents of the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. International collectors will have to wait to see if their local distributors attempt to import it.

Pre-order the Super7 ThunderTank at Entertainment Earth.

The cost of this massive tank sits at $449.99 plus upward of $50 in shipping fees, which is not surprising given its likely weight including working rubber tank treads and steel axles on working wheels.

This is not a Kickstarter or a HasLab-type campaign. If only three of these sell then they will still be made. There’s risk in this approach which is reflected in the price.

Here’s a complete rundown of features:

  • Working rubber tank treads
  • Rolling wheels with steel axles
  • Articulated jaw
  • Articulated arms reveal hidden cannons
  • Forehead panel reveals hidden cannon
  • 2 different windshields – Armored for battle mode & Clear for aquatic mode
  • Opening cargo bay doors
  • Seating for 6 Super7 ThunderCats 7″ Ultimates figures
  • Removable, swiveling turret
  • Highly detailed cockpit
  • Highly detailed wall paneling
  • Thundrillium storage container
  • Cartoon accurate deco

The expected delivery date remains the first quarter of 2022.

Super7 ThunderTank Pre-Order Open

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