Star Wars SDCC 2023 Black Series and TVC Pre-Orders with Darth Revan, Thrawn and More

Star Wars SDCC 2023 Black Series and TVC Pre-Orders with Darth Revan Thrawn

Hasbro’s latest Star Wars action figure reveals at 2023 San Diego Comic-Con bring new figures from the upcoming Disney+ series Ahsoka to The Vintage Collection (TVC), Retro Collection, and The Black Series (TBS), as well as a handful of others. Pre-orders for everything listed below go live on Saturday, July 22nd at 5 pm ET.

The Vintage Collection – Mainline

Previously pipelined TVC figures Darth Revan (Knights of the Old Republic) and Pre Vizsla (The Clone Wars) were formally revealed at Comic-Con. Each comes in the same case assortment that includes previously revealed R5-D4, with the entire case already available to pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

Pre-Order the Darth Revan and Pre Vizsla case at Entertainment Earth. Use code FREESHIP59 in your shopping cart for free shipping on any order $59 or above.

Here is the case breakdown with Hasbro codenames where unannounced figures are slotted.

2x Pre Vizsla
1x Darth Revan
1x R5-D4 (The Mandalorian)
(subject to change)

Also pipelined and now fully revealed for TVC is Grand Admiral Thrawn based on his appearance in Star Wars Rebels. He is also part of an upcoming case that’s already available to pre-order, and due to arrive this fall.

Pre-order the Thrawn wave case at Entertainment Earth.

Here is this case’s breakdown that also includes one of just-announced Ahsoka Tano, a repack of her previously released The Mandalorian figure on an Ahsoka cardback. The two unnamed figures packed two-each are expected to be from the Ahsoka series.

2x TBD
2x TBD
1x Grand Admiral Thrawn
1x Grand Inquisitor
1x SW VIN DUBOIS (Ahsoka Tano)
1x Luke Skywalker (Jedi Academy)
(subject to change)

From the Ahsoka series will be Sabine Wren in a Deluxe package that includes a Loth Cat.

The Vintage Collection – Pulse and Shop Disney

Two newly unveiled items for TVC will be exclusive to Hasbro Pulse and Shop Disney. They are an Imperial Officer 4-pack that features Admiral Piett with his correct rank badge, Admiral Motti, and two unnamed officers.

Pre-order these TVC exclusives at Hasbro Pulse.

Pre-order these TVC exclusives at Shop Disney.

Retro Collection – Pulse and Shop Disney

To further celebrate the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, Hasbro and Lucasfilm are releasing a new six-pack of Star Wars Retro Collection figures from the film. One of them, Mon Mothma, is being made in the retro Kenner style for the first time ever.

The six figures are:

  • Admiral Ackbar
  • Wicket W. Warrick
  • Mon Mothma
  • Emperor’s Royal Guard
  • Gamorrean Guard
  • Yak Face

Pre-order the Retro Collection ROTJ set at Hasbro Pulse.

Pre-order the Retro Collection ROTJ set at Shop Disney.

The Black Series

Last but not least, new TBS pre-orders will go live for Pre Vizsla (The Clone Wars) and R2-D2 (The Mandalorian).

Pre Vizsla (Amazon)

R2-D2 (Amazon)

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