Licensed ‘The Prisoner’ Retro Style Action Figures Are Getting Made

The ultimate ascension for any action figure collector is to go from curating an action figure collection to the person making the action figures for someone else’s collection. For Gavin Highnight and Chris “Doc Wyatt”, they’ve successfully completed this journey with a licensed line of 4″ retro-style The Prisoner action figures at their new toy company, Wandering Planet Toys.

Yes, that The Prisoner starring Patrick McGoohan. The 1967-68 British spy thriller that ran only 17 total episodes but has since become a cult classic on multiple continents. And until now there have never been licensed toys based on it.

Gavin and Doc aren’t toy makers by trade. They met at their “day job” as writers on a variety of animated children’s series such as Star Wars: Resistance and Avengers Assemble, among others. Their toy collecting connection and love of The Prisoner ultimately led them on a quest to bring those licensed toys from ITV Studios to life in the same vein as companies like Super7 and Boss Fight Studio have with numerous licensed properties.

Through an ongoing Kickstarter you can still order from through May 26th, Wandering Planet Toys is offering a full wave includes four versions of Patrick McGoohan’s Number 6 wearing outfits from specific episodes, such as “Checkmate.” A fifth version is labeled a Limited Edition with packaging shaped like Rover, The Village’s half-domed guardian that Number 6 encounters.

Also being offered are a pair of two-packs with Number 6 featuring episode-specific accessories, and another character. These are currently the only way to get figures other than Number 6 from in the initial offering. One features Number 2 and the other Number 12.

The Kickstarter quickly blew through its $20,000 funding goal and now stands just north of $125,000 and climbing.

Check out images of all The Prisoner retro style action figure offerings on the official Kickstarter page.

The Prisoner Retro Action Figure Pre-order

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