First Black Series and Vintage Collection ‘Ahsoka’ Show Pre-Orders Today

First Black Series and Vintage Collection 'Ahsoka' Show Pre-Orders Today

The first Hasbro pre-orders attached to the upcoming Disney+ original series Ahsoka go live on Thursday, August 10th at 1 pm ET. Both The Black Series and Vintage Collection are represented and we’ll run through the five products you can choose from.

For TVC there is one mainline action figure and one deluxe action figure. The mainline is getting a repack of the Ahsoka Tano figure from The Mandalorian Season 2, only this time on a new card reflective of her new series.

The Ahsoka Tano figure is already available to pre-order as part of an upcoming TVC case that also includes Luke (Jedi Academy), Grand Admiral Thrawn, Grand Inquisitor, and two unannounced figures from the Ahsoka show.

Joining the pricey $27.99 TVC deluxe line is Sabine Wren from the Ahsoka series. She comes with a removable helmet and Loth Cat accessory figure.

The Black Series will see three new main line figures go up for pre-order. They are an Ahsoka Tano repack just like TVC is getting, Sabine Wren, and Hera Syndulla. The TBS Sabine does not come with a Loth Cat like the TVC one does.

Hera is also available in an upcoming case of The Black Series figures currently available for pre-order at EE.

Ahsoka and Sabine are in a new Black Series case that just went up for pre-order at EE.

Here are the pre-order links you’ll need to secure these figures.

Ahsoka show TVC pre-orders: Amazon | Entertainment Earth | Hasbro Pulse

Ahsoka show TBS pre-orders: Amazon | Entertainment Earth | Hasbro Pulse

Remember to use code FALLFREE79 for free shipping on any order $79 or above at Entertainment Earth. You can also use our code THEHDROOM to receive 10% off any in-stock order.

It’s likely that Hasbro will rollout weekly product reveals and pre-orders that sometimes include TVC and/or TBS figures when the Ahsoka show premieres on August 23rd. No official announcement has been made as of yet.

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