Watch American Horror Story: Freak Show Online Free Stream Episode 505 ‘Pink Cupcakes’ on FX

Watch American Horror Story Freak Show online free stream Episode 505

Edward Mordrake left his mark on FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show last week in both expected and unexpected ways. He claimed a freak to add to his “team,” and also gave us a window into the sad past of several carnies, including Elsa Mars. Tonight’s new AHS episode 505, ‘Pink Cupcakes,’ leaves Halloween behind and sets a series of new stories in motion.

Through Mordrake we learned how Paul the Illustrated Seal got his tattoos and why he chose not to ink his face, how Elsa lost her legs, and what ultimately drove Legless Suzi to the Freak Show. All of these characters carried true emotion as they spilled their guts to Mordrake, and Elsa actually fit the criteria to be killed and resurrected as a ghost in Mordrake’s supernatural posse.

Just as Elsa is about to be stabbed to death, Mordrake hears the distant sound of music and realizes there’s a freak yet to be judged. The freak in question is none other than Twisty the Clown, and his backs story is the most tragic of all. You felt sad learning how it was ultimately freaks that drove Twisty away from his passion of entertaining kids. Ultimately he meant well, even when he murdered innocent souls.

Jimmy and Maggie accidentally stumbled onto Twisty’s little hideout and end up getting caught by Dandy. The music from a show Dandy and Twisty put on, that would saw Maggie in half, calls Edward there, and he ultimately kills Twisty. Dandy takes Twisty’s mask and finally follows through on threats to kill his mom’s maid.

With the children safe thanks to Jimmy, he’s now a hero in Jupiter and suddenly the freaks are welcome. The curfew is lifted and opening night is sold out. Little does Elsa know that Stanley, a late attendee masquerading as a Hollywood talent agent, is in cahoots with Maggie to bag a freak or two and sell their parts to the highest bidder.

The synopsis for American Horror Story: Freak Show ‘Pink Cupcakes’ is as follows, “Stanley and Maggie hatch a plan to murder the Freaks. Gloria hides the evidence of Dandy’s gruesome new hobby. A health scare reveals Desiree may not be the oddity she once thought.”

The start time for tonight’s American Horror Story: Freak Show episode is 10/9c on FX. Be sure to check those clocks, west coast, due to Daylight Savings. In addition, watch FX online free streaming at the official FX video on demand (VOD) streaming website here with a provider login, though not live, for a limited time.

American Horror Story: Freak Show is also available to online stream shortly after they premiere on FX here at Every episode dating back to the first season of AHS is available.

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