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Watch Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys Game

The Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys each own defensive units struggling mightily, but at least the Cowboys have a steady quarterback to offset giving up tons of yardage every game. Minnesota throws out Christian Ponder at quarterback… Read More

Watch Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings

The Green Bay Packers have quietly won their way to a 4-2 record while the Minnesota Vikings and their 1-5 mark are a prime target for media headlines due to an ongoing and overactive quarterback carousel. Wideout Greg Jennings will get a shot… Read More

Watch San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Sunday Night Football on NBC scored a week two jackpot that stars two of the most impressive young and incredibly mobile quarterbacks to enter the professional game in some time, both of whom proved in week one that their freshman campaign was… Read More

Watch Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals

Week two of the 2013 NFL preseason football games schedule gets underway with the Dallas Cowboys squaring off against the Arizona Cardinals at the early afternoon start time of 1:30/12:30c. The Cardinals shocked the Packers in a shutout win… Read More