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Watch Minnesota Vikings vs Baltimore Ravens Online

The Baltimore Ravens broke free of the wild card jam last week and have a clean path to the postseason if they can win out the season, starting today in week 14 of the Sunday NFL Football schedule with the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings seek their… Read More

Watch Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings Online

The Chicago Bears still have a more than legitimate shot of punching a ticket to the playoffs while the Minnesota Vikings must resort to playing for pride in their NFL week 13 football game. These two division rivals will face off up north today… Read More

Watch Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks Online

The Seattle Seahawks expect to debut Percy Harvin today with the former Minnesota Vikings receiver facing his former teammates. Watch Vikings vs Seahawks online free live streaming by following the links below to see who will win this week… Read More

Watch Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys Game

The Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys each own defensive units struggling mightily, but at least the Cowboys have a steady quarterback to offset giving up tons of yardage every game. Minnesota throws out Christian Ponder at quarterback… Read More

Watch Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers

Tonight’s Sunday Night NFL preseason football game to wrap week three has the Minnesota Vikings seeking their first 2013 win by heading to the Bay to take on the Super Bowl runner-up San Francisco 49ers. The late game has a scheduled start… Read More