‘Ninjago’ Season 10: ‘March of the Oni’ Now on Netflix US

Ninjago Season 10 Netflix

Fans of the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu television series in the United States and other territories have to wait over a year before seasons clear their time at Cartoon Network and migrate over to Netflix.

Here in the US, seasons 6 through 9 all dropped on Netflix at the same time. It has been absolute crickets ever since.

This past Sunday the silence ended and new seasons, or a single season, of Ninjago finally appeared.

US fans received Season 10 titled March of the Oni, a four-episode arc that signaled the final episodes original writers Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman would be involved with before turning over the reigns to Bragi Schut and his team. It also marks the end of their 10-season arc that began and ended with Lord Garmadon, and well as the Season 8-10 arc involving the mystical Oni beings.

In other territories outside the US, Season 11 is also available on Netflix, though some earlier seasons may not be. There’s no known timetable for when additional seasons past March of the Oni will arrive on Netflix in the US.

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