Ninjago City Markets Set: Where to Pre-Order, Release Date

Ninjago City Markets Set: Release Date, Where to Pre-Order

This year ushers in a new era of Ninjago known as Dragons Rising. LEGO is pulling out all the stops and delivering the biggest, most elaborate set in the theme yet with the LEGO Shop exclusive Ninjago City Markets (17199).

Pre-Order the Ninjago City Markets LEGO set starting June 1 for VIP members here at the LEGO Shop.

In years’ past the summer Ninjago sets have released in North America on August 1st while Europe has gotten them two months earlier on June 1st. That changes this year as all the Ninjago summer 2023 wave sets will be available on June 1st, the same day that Ninjago: Dragons Rising premieres on Netflix with the first 10 of 20 total episodes coming this year.

As such, this 6,163 piece monster of a set that includes a whopping 21 mini-figures, including many fan-requested choices from past seasons, will first be available to pre-order and buy on June 1st for LEGO VIP members, which anyone can become for free.

Non-VIP members can order their Ninjago City Markets set beginning a few days later on June 4th.

The 21 mini-figures included are:

  • Lloyd
  • Nya
  • Detective Zane
  • Blacksmith Kai
  • Urban Arin
  • Urban Sora
  • Miss Demeanor
  • Houndog McBrag
  • Chamille
  • Dareth (Laughy’s)
  • Cyrus Borg
  • Racer Seven
  • Gayle Gossip
  • Vinny Fulson
  • Sushimi Chef
  • Baker
  • Boat Vendor
  • Street Vendor
  • Borg Store Employee
  • Tea Vendor
  • Dojo Kio

Ninjago City Markets is the fourth modular building released as part of the Ninjago City theme. The first three sets are Ninjago City and Ninjago Docks, both retired, and Ninjago City Gardens, which is still available exclusively at the LEGO Shop.

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