Week 9 NFL Beat the House Picks

The TMR Beat the House week 9 NFL picks and predictions are live. In week 8, the House landed on the victorious side after 3 straight weeks of losses. The House won 10 correct picks to 9… but there is still room for improvement. The Madden 08 simulation on the Xbox 360 came in with 3 correct picks. Get your personal picks in now in an attempt to win prizes and move up the TMR Leaderboard and try your hardest to “Beat the House” in the process.

Click here for the NFL week 9 picks and predictions

Thanks to our friends at New Line Home Entertainment, this week’s DVD prize will be Hellboy: Sword of Storms and a $10 iTunes gift card. The prize will be awarded to the TMR member who picks the most games correctly. Ties will be broken by the Monday night game, then overall pick record on the season… so make sure you get your picks in every single week.

Here we are, it’s AFC Championship preview week. Oddly enough the cheating, lying, substance abusing, scumbag pieces of human excrement versus the Colts is the third-highest point spread this week. The remaining 11 games are all still hanging out at a 3 point spread or lower. Good luck making your picks, I sure as hell struggled through most of them this week, as I’m sure Vegas did as well.

As you can see, The House stretched a bit with a few of the picks this week. Since it worked in week 8, why not try it again? You, the membership, as always, have the ability to agree or disagree with the picks as you see fit. I can hear the bitching and whining in the forum already over some of the picks. Do as you must.

If you’ve missed out on the first 8 weeks of “Beat the House”, don’t hesitate to make your picks for week 9. There is still a chance to win some gear in the extremely rare event that the House is beaten. At least one DVD prize will be guaranteed each week. Head on over to the TMR Beat the House page and make your selections for week 9. As always, membership is completely free with no obligation. Good Luck and try your best to enjoy the 2007 NFL football season.

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