Watch Bates Motel Online Live Stream Season 2 Episode 5 ‘The Escape Artist’ on A&E

Watch Bates Motel Online Live Stream Season 2 Episode 5 'The Escape Artist' on A&EA&E’s Bates Motel jettisoned Norma’s brother almost as quickly as he joined the show last week after Norman got a beat down for trying to stand up for his mom. The direction of this season will become clearer in tonight’s new episode, ‘The Escape Artist.’

Last week on Bates Motel, Emma woke up next to the guy she met at the memorial for Bradley and spends much of the episode trying to figure out if she slept with him. She didn’t, but he’s clearly now a love interest. Emma and the new guy weren’t the only new pairings beginning to take shape as Season 2 starts to pick up steam.

It turns out Cody has a bit of a nasty streak in her as she tells Norman to use a tire iron and literally beat Norman’s brother to send a message that he needs to leave town immediately. Norman takes her advice and heads into the King’s Motel room where Caleb is but chickens out. Later on Norman returns by himself after a big fight between Dylan and Norma, and ends up getting mildly beat up by Caleb before his uncle leaves town.

Christine is still trying desperately to get Norma to go out more and talks Norma into going on a double date with her brother. Norma goes and the date seems to go extremely well, though it ends a bit prematurely. The brother, George, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but he has no idea what he’s getting into getting involved with the Bates family.

Sheriff Romero makes an appearance this week by going to the docks where Zane and his goons are. Instead of politely introducing himself, Romero warns Zane that things have changed since he’s last been in town. Zane laughs it off, but he is probably foolish to underestimate Romero. The episode ends with the King’s Motel on fire and Norman being found in a blank stare, who ends up in the custody of Cody.

The synopsis for tonight’s new episode of Bates Motel reads, “Norman trusts Cody with a family secret. Dylan finds himself fighting for his life as Zane’s war escalates. Norma makes a deal with a mysterious man to help stop the bypass.”

Bates Motel Season 2, Episode 5 ‘The Escape Artist’ will premiere tonight 10/9c exclusively on the cable channel A&E.

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