Rockstar’s Table Tennis hands-on

Courtesy of DailyGame

A simple and fun game, Rockstar’s “Table Tennis” is obviously designed for the casual game player. The different face buttons perform different types of hits, but any button gets the job done just as good as the others.

The ball travels a little slower than it would in real life, and it has a slight glow with trails behind it for easy spotting. Having it move slower gives players a split second to plan what their next move might be, or perhaps even attempt to pull off a combo and give the ball some spin.

The graphics are good, but they’re obviously not the point of the game. Instead, the focus is the game’s casual fun that gets deeper the longer you play. For example, although it’s easy to move the player and hit the ping-pong ball, the ball moves faster the longer the volley lasts, which leads to more need for strategically placing shots. The animations for these shots are really smooth, but the characters themselves seem to move a little slowly. This makes sense considering the slow ball movement, because if the characters moved any faster, no one would ever miss the ball.

On Xbox Live, 32 people can hook-up for tournaments and trade off playing against one another. We wouldn’t be surprised to see competitions with prizes shortly after release.

Whether Rockstar’s “Table Tennis” will catch on is difficult to tell. It’s an amusing and fun game for pick-up-and-play sessions, but just how long the fun will last still remains to be seen.

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