New ‘Motorstorm’ Playstation 3 Screenshots

I, and just about everyone I know, absolutely despises flashy “target render videos” that video game publishers insist on pushing to the public year after year. How many ‘Killzone’ and ‘Superman Returns’ debacles do we need before someone pulls the plugs on these deceiving marketing gimmicks?

These latest screenshots released by Sony for next year’s ‘Motorstorm’ Playstation 3 debut further fuel the argument against target videos leaving the confines of development studios. It’s fairly clear these near-final gameplay snapshots look good but are a far cry from the near photorealistic target Evolution Studios set out to meet. By not meeting a target put into the public eye, the public is left feeling naturally let down.

You can click here for a quick comparison between screenshots taken from the target video and the new in-game screenshots and judge for yourself.

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