New ‘Metal Gear Solid 4’ Playstation 3 Screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainment has released the first batch of screenshots for ‘Metal Gear Solid 4’ since a pair of CGI trailers were shown off at the past two E3’s. Unlike those first screens which were obviously plucked from non-gameplay footage, these screens are more in-line with what playing the game will actually be like as opposed to flashy, irrelevant cinematics.

Gone is the annoying Matrix-like green tint that plagued the early CGI trailers. In it’s place is a more realistic and current hot trend sepia tone with washed out colors and an aged look. Which is fitting considering Solid Snake looks like a grandfather while battling giant mechanized war machines and blindy lobbing grenades while laying on his back.

‘Metal Gear Solid 4’ should be out before 2008 barring any development complications. Stay tuned for more updates as new information becomes available.

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