‘Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together!’ Review: Fun And Frustration

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together Review
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Let’s all face it, there’s not much to do yet on the Nintendo Switch that doesn’t involve Hyrule. The launch titles were pretty bare, with most being ports — Including Zelda, which was developed for the Wii U. One title that stood out, even on launch day, was Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together, a co-operative puzzle game that served also as a tech demo of what the Switch’s Joy Cons could do. While not as demonstrative as, say, 1-2 Switch, Snipperclips served as a good break game when the quest to defeat Ganon became too much.

In Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together, players take control of two (or more) little paper characters named Snip and Clip, and then use the Joy Cons to manipulate those characters to solve various simple puzzles. Players can rotate Snip and Clip, or squat them down, or make them stand on their tippy-toes, and even jump, and all of these actions are necessary to solve the puzzles. Some puzzles involve creating unique shapes out the paper people, which means some snips and clips might be involved, hence the title. A player can do this solo, by constantly switching between the two paper people with the X button, and using one to create solutions for the other, so both can solve the puzzle and move on.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together Review

This game mode works surprisingly well, and the variety of different puzzles, which get harder and more complex as the game goes on, helps Snipperclips to cut a niche for itself. Where the game truly becomes an exercise in patience — and frustration — is when you bring another person or persons into the mix. Up to four people can play Snipperclips together and communication is key. Unfortunately, my communication skills are lacking, so playing the game with my wife devolved into a shout fest that almost led to lawyers being called and assets being divided up — all because we could not collectively sharpen a pencil.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together Review

I’m calling my lawyer.

Is this fun? Is this why we play games? Snipperclips does many things well. The simple aesthetic is completely, 100% Nintendo. It’s cutesy to the point of saccharine, and the puzzle design hides the fact that there is some good ideas here. As the levels progress, there are little “boss stages” with an increasingly difficult puzzle that has to be solved, usually involving getting eggs into a nest area without breaking them. Solving these harder puzzles opens up a whole new levels of difficulty for the standard puzzle types, which include some sports-like objectives, and creative balloon popping, extending the game deeper into the fun and frustration.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together Review

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together includes various modes, particularly for multiplayer, like Party and Blitz. Blitz actually adds a level of competitiveness, which devolves into who can cut the others first. It’s chaotic and fun, yet could have lasting effects on any relationship if players aren’t careful. With a group of people, there is fun to be had here, but again, communication is key — and you might want to leave the alcohol in the bottle.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together Review

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together is a solid launch title for the hot new Nintendo Switch console. It offers players something unique, and utilizes the Switch’s Joy Cons in interesting ways. As a launch title, you get what you pay for, and before too long, nobody will be talking about Snipperclips like they do other classic non-first party Nintendo launch titles like, um, and, um,… well, never mind.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together is available now in the Nintendo eShop for a value price of $19.99. This review is based of a copy of the game purchased at retail.

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