Gaming Wonders

Gaming Wonders

There is a vast world of online games available at the click of a button. From Tetris, to Scrabble, puzzles to gambling and creating a virtual reality with games such as The Sims, the world of online gaming is truly perpetual.

Let’s have a look at the realm of online casinos and gambling. This industry has raked up a whopping £3.6bn in 2015 alone. Talk about high stakes! It’s no wonder then that this industry has one of the highest user-rates in the world. And with all the awesome games out there, we can understand why.

What kind of games can I play?

Games, such as The Dark Knight slot machine, have revolutionized the gaming industry by taking the industry by storm. This game is based on the popular 2008 film which was an incredible box-office success. The Dark Knight is the third highest grossing movie in the USA of all time, raking in over a mind-blowing $1 billion worldwide. It makes sense then that fans of this movie would jump at the opportunity to engage with the story line and characters in other ways.

Enter The Dark Knight slot machine. This Batman themed slot makes use of clips from the movie, instantly transporting the player to the realm of fictional film. This game is filled with random rewards given by Batman himself or The Joker. These rewards include free spins, entries into the jackpot spin, cash prizes and wild symbols. You can read all about this game in details with The Dark Knight online slot review, or play it for yourself to truly experience the magic that is The Dark Knight .

Another game to completely transform the world of online gaming has to be the Thunderstruck II slot machine. Apparently were not the only ones who think that this game is awesome: Thunderstruck II is one of the most played online slot game today. This beauty of a game was launched seven years ago, in 2010. And since launching, has gained popularity and credibility as one of the best games out there. The Norse mythology theme that features Nordic gods like Loki, Odin, Thor and Valkyrie helps players escape to a parallel universe while enjoying the benefits this game has to offer. Each one of these Nordic gods have a special feature in the game, guiding the player through the journey as they aim to win.

One of the best functions of the Thunderstruck II game is the progress bar, which allows you to take a break and resume playing where you left off. For more about this awesome game, read the thunderstruck 2 slot review or try it out for yourself. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Don’t just sit there, find out for yourself!

While we can sit here and test out these fun-packed games for you, and write up a ton of game reviews for you to read, we highly recommend you try them out for yourself. Chances are you will probably be more than pleased to find that these games are as fun as we say they are.

So go on, what are you waiting for? Let the games begin!

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